Piano Rubato

Will be created in January 2023

Conceived and interpreted by Mélissa Von Vépy and Stéphan Oliva
Duo / for everybody / estimated length : 40-50’
For theaters or non-dedicated places: open air, halls, urban wasteland…

This ship floats on dry land, it is a sound ship.
It pitches in an endless journey, to the other world.
Attempting to reconcile with the invisible,
with the souls of those who went before us.
The captain is music, the woman is wind,
her breath animates this strange piano-boat;
All three, instruments of passage,
inextricable transmitter-transceivers.

“RUBATO” is an Italian musical term, literally: “fly or subtilize” but in music: to play rhythmically with all the freedom available to an interpreter: his share of free will.


Conceived and interpreted by: Mélissa Von Vépy
Musical composition and live piano: Stéphan Oliva
Scenography: Neil Price, Mélissa Von Vépy, electronic conception: Cédric Cambon
Sound design: Jean-Damien Ratel
Light design: Sabine Charreire
Costume designer: Catherine Sardi
Technical management: Julien Chérault
Tour management: Thomas Balouet
Administration: Jean-Baptiste Clément


Happés company // Mélissa Von Vépy


Culture Commune, National Scene from the Bassin Minier du Pas-de-Calais
Le Sirque, National Circus Center of Nexon in Nouvelle Aquitaine
(in progress)


French Ministry of Culture – DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie, Pyrénées – Méditerranée


Amadeus Audio: development of a tailor-made electro-acoustic device, Jean-François Tobias – association Piano Historique, Raphaële Von Vépy and Andy Steiner 

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Webdesign : SAMBA

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Webdesign : SAMBA